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  • Q: Why my GEi flash card doesn’t work (White screen) after it has been updated to the latest version GEi V3.0?
    A: You have to update your GEi flash card to the “update ndsi version 1.41” first, without this process you will not be able to upgrade your GEi firmware version to the V3.0.

    Q: Could I apply the patch of geiplus.nds in GEi V2.0 to play those games that are not compatible?
    A: There is no patch of geiplus.nds in GEi V2.0 available for you to use. You have to up-date the kernel to GEi V2.1 (geiplus.nds included) before you can use it.

    Q: How could I make a soft-reset while playing under the patch of geiplus.nds?
    A: Please press<L> +<R> +<A> +<B>+<↓>totally five buttons simultaneously

    Q: Create system files error
    A: The system need to create a 4MB-temporary file, make sure the SD/TF has enough space.(It's better to run the GE system to create this temporary file once you finish formatting the flash card, and do not delete it unless it is necessary

    Q: The system file is not correct.
    A: Once the 4MB-temporary file which is create by the system was damaged, user can delete the file and run the system to rebuild; Or run the GEi system to create the 4MB-temporary file after finish formatting the flash card, and do not delete it unless it is necessary.

    Q: How do saves work? Will I be able to backup my save-games?
    A: Easy and without extra software , you can backup your saves bysimply dragging and dropping them.

    Q: Failed to create archive?
    A: There are 2 possible reasons: One is the TF card has no enough space; Second: to the FAT16 OS, the root directory has a maximal file amount: 512(long file name will take more space), that means the surplus amount must be more than the amount that going to be created.

    Q: Archive has been damaged?
    A: There are 2 possible reasons also: First, the archive is damaged indeed; Second, If the archive is copy from the other type of flash card, it can't run directly before being converted via appointed software.

    Q: Is the GEi Compatible with the Rumble Pack or Opera Ram Expansion?
    A: Yes

    Q: Will you support DS Homebrew Roms?
    A: Yes

    Q: What is the Battery Life?
    A: Same as the Original carts, the GEi core components are chosen to maximize battery life.

    Q: What about reading Speeds from the DS? Are they Equal to an original cart?
    A: Original carts have various speeds, our hardware is designed to match the speed as close as possible. No problems to this date.

    Q: Does Drag and Drop functionality work on a Mac and other Operating systems except Windows?
    A: Of course Our device is fully mass storage spec compliant, and should work with any operating system which supports this standard

    Q: Do I have to use patches and extra software to load files on the NDS?
    A: Absolutely not.

    Q: Will I need any other extra software or hardware to manage the GEi?
    A: Absolutely not.

    Q: What colors are available from the GEi Adapter?
    A: We are currently manufacturing White cart for first batch stock, we might consider other colors soon.

    Q: Do I have to flash my DS firmware in order to operate the GEi?
    A: Nope! No firmware hacks or any nasty tricks are required to use the GEi. If you change your firmware you lose your warranty!

    Q: What languages does the GEi OS support?
    A: English, Chinese and Japaness and so forth.

    Q: Does it work on both DS and DS Lite?
    A: Yes, every revision out and to come

    Q: Are there any regional issues?
    A: No, GEi works on every DS and DS Lite from around the world.

    Q: How many files can I have on the GEi?
    A: GEi Adapter supports 128MB~4GB TF(MicroSD) card , 4GB=32Gbit

    Q: Do I need a pass key device for the GEi to work or can I just put it in my DS?
    A: Nothing is needed! Just place the GEi with the TF card into the NDS slot 1 and power-up your DS .

    Q: Is the GEi OS/Firmware upgradable?
    A: Yes! And the best part is that its DEAD EASY and SAFE to do it

    Q: Is the OS skinnable?
    A: Yes.